PSC Alumni Reunion | August 25,2024

Our Story

We are a nation-wide network of Private School Alumni creating opportunities for the next world leaders.

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Private Skool Collective of Tampa was formed to expand private school opportunities for African American students in Tampa and the surrounding areas. In addition to tuition support, funds raised will support enrichment activities that include education, the arts, sports, mentoring and more that make a private school education so valuable. The idea for the alumni reunion and the nonprofit organization was the brainchild of Rigo Garcia, II., a second-generation alum of Tampa private schools and a graduate of Epiphany of our Lord and Tampa Catholic High School. “My private school experience changed my life. It not only prepared me spiritually, for college, a successful professional career and life, but also exposed me to high-level sports and provided lifelong relationships that I still cherish today,” says Garcia, president of PSC. “St. Peter Claver as the organization’s first beneficiary was an easy decision. Many in our network are alums, have family members that are alums, or attended or still attend St. Peter Claver Catholic Church.” Each year, the nonprofit will select a new beneficiary.

PSC alumni – successful professionals covering multiple industries and states – are eager to help generations of students to come have even greater opportunities. Garcia said, “We are so excited to come together to support future generations in this way to create more pathways to success.” In addition to a silent auction, Private Skool Collective will present the first Impact Awards to adults who had a significant impact while they were in school. At the launch event there will be group reunion photos for the schools represented.

Private Skool Collective, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit formed in 2021 by African American alumni from
Tampa’s private schools, held its inaugural launch event on Sunday, August 28 at 3 pm. It was held at the scenic Tampa River Center located on the Hillsborough River. The Private Skool Collective (PSC) nonprofit launch event was a festive reunion, the first of its kind bringing together a nationwide network of African American alumni from Tampa’s private schools spanning five decades. The highlight of the launch was a fundraiser for St. Peter Claver, the oldest Black grade school in the state of Florida, established in 1894 near downtown Tampa. At the event, a check for $20,000 was presented to Dr. LaTonya White, principal of St. Peter Claver Catholic School. Each year, the nonprofit will select a beneficiary.

The inaugural Impact Award recipients were Yvonne Fort, a second-grade teacher at St. Peter Claver for over 30 years and Betty Bell, who passionately worked with students at St. Peter Claver in multiple capacities. Several of their students
were in attendance. There were also reunion group photos for the schools represented.

Private Skool Collective welcomes more support to meet their mission. Private school alumni and the public are invited
to support the support the nonprofit by donating or becoming a sponsor.

Celebrating Milestones



A Reunion Re-Imagined

  • A group of Private School Alumni gathered in July to organize plans to have  a alumni reunion & fundraiser.

Building Momentum

  • In June, Private Skool Collective conducted its’ first fund raiser for St. Peter Claver School by completing surveys for Fortune 500 companies.

We Did It !

  • On August 28, Private Skool Collective hosts its’ inaugural fundraiser donating  $20,000 to St. Peter Claver School

PSCOfficers Board Members

Rigo M. Garcia, II | President

Cheryl Roby-Jackson | Vice President

Kathy Jones-Gutzmer, M.D. | Recording Secretary

Rhonesia L. Dennard | Treasurer

Hugh Thompson | Financial Secretary

Andre Saunders | Chaplain

Barry Clark | Board Member

Herb Carrington | Board Member

Nina Uzzle-Harris, M.D. | Board Member

Karen Hayes | Board Member

Alison Hewitt | Board Member

Don Latson | Board Member

Wendell Lopez | Board Member

Anthony Riviere | Board Member

Leslie Young | Board Member